lørdag 13. oktober 2012

Ringsel (Ringed Seal) Pt.2

While working at the Kittiwake colony, we first met a Ringed Seal (Phoca hispida) swimming around the boat and it did not leave when we jumped out in the water. It stayed with us for about 30 minutes swimming quite close, seemingly quite curious. For a while, this one (atleast we thought it was the same one) came to the beach every morning when we arrived with the boat and stayed close to us for a few minutes before it left, and we named him "Claus" after our supervisor.

"Claus" our beloved Ringed Seal

 One day, a "friend" of "him" showed up, just as curious and we called this one "Scarface". Further on, the visits became more random (but we also went to work more randomly aswell), but we did spot them at the beach, close to our boat, from time to time.


Some more pictures of the Seals. 

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