fredag 31. mai 2013

Sjelden gjest; Sandsnipe (Semipalmated Sandpiper)

This is the second of a few entries in this blog from my trip to Finnmark, Norway. I was quite lucky to see this little bird which is about the same size as the Little Sting (Dvergsnipe). There have been a few previous observations of this species in Norway, but as uncommon these are, this sighting felt like a privilege. The pictures was taken in shadow and/or in hard light so they are not top notch, but here are some of them. 

Sandsnipe (Calidris pusilla), The Semipalmated Sandpiper  

onsdag 29. mai 2013

Jordugle (Short-eared Owl)

My friend Oddvar and I recently had a magnificent trip to the northern most parts of Norway. Most of all, birds was on the agenda and this beautiful bird appeared on a pole quite close to the road. A breathtaking experience! These are some of the pictures taken.

Jordugle (Asie flammeus)

tirsdag 21. mai 2013

Nær Vår (Spring Close-Up)

Using my relatively new Macro lense, i explored some of the common objects in the forest.

Hvitveis (Nemone nemorosa) Windflower

Seljeknopp aka Gåsunge (Salix caprea) Goat willow

Tyttebærknopp (Vaccinium vitis-idaea) Lingonberry

Kvaedråpe. Resin. 

søndag 19. mai 2013

Vårbever (Spring Beaver)

Beautiful weather and some days off was a strong encouragement to take a trip outside the concrete and asphalt ridden city; time to visit some beavers. This is some of the results;

The Eurasian Beaver (Eurasisk Bever), Castor fiber