søndag 30. juni 2013

Søndagstur (Sunday trip)

It is nice to have the time to just wander around in the forest from time to time.

Blomsten til Vanlig Tettegras (Pinguicula vulgaris)
Common Butterwort

Not pleased?

onsdag 26. juni 2013

Red Knots In The Thousands!

One "planned" part of my trip to the northern most parts of Norway, was to experience the Red Knots (Calidris canutus, Polarsnipe) in the thousands. This occurs every spring at almost the same locations each year. I was lucky to be in the middle of 15.000 of these beautiful birds. 

The pictures does not give a good impression of the experience, but I include them still. =)

The picture above shows only a small portion of the total individuals present at this time. 

mandag 24. juni 2013

A little macro

I am still working on my "macro skills". The light was quite good, but a bit dark so I had to use relatively high ISO.


søndag 16. juni 2013

A couple of mammals

..infact three of them here. These pictures is still some of those taken in Finnmark (north of Norway).

Ekorn (Sciurus vulgaris)
Eurasian Red Squirrel

Havert (Halichoerus grypus)
The Gray Seal

Røyskatt (Mustela erminea)
The Stoat

mandag 10. juni 2013

Lappspurv (Lapland Longspur)

This little bird arrives the northern areas (like Finnmark, Norway) from the east in the middle of May (or later). Its a colorful and quite "chatty" bird: Lapland Longspur birdsongs. 

Lappspurv (Calcarius lapponicus

The Lapland Longspur

fredag 7. juni 2013

Svømmesnipe (Red-necked Phalarope)

Just past midnight, I was lucky to observe the Red-necked Phalarope courtships and fighting in the midnight sun. In the small pond the lighting was quite challenging, but  it was a great experience nevertheless.

Svømmesnipe, The Red-necked Phalarope (Phalaropus lobatus)

søndag 2. juni 2013

Blåstrupe (Bluethroats) Luscina svecica

The Bluethroat is a beautiful bird in the Turdidae family (Thrushes). At several occasions, I both heard and spotted this bird; a few times the colors even trapped on the memory of my camera as well.